Expertly recorded and programmed by our go-to hip hop specialist, Lo-Fi Hip Hop brings you hundreds of inspiring loops and shots spanning crunchy drum breaks, classic ensemble loops primed for sampler chopping, soulful synth leads, assorted sampled instrumentation, stylus-jumping basslines, classic piano licks, old school FX and killer drum kits to get your jams flowing!

For producers seeking that eclectic, crate-digging sound with non of the sample clearance headaches then Lo-Fi Hip Hop is the sample pack you need right now!

All loops are presented at 90bpm in industry-standard 24-bit Wav format and also come in Apple Loops and Rex2 formats for producers using different platforms and working at different tempos.

Drum Loops > Stacks of classic boom-bap breaks, crunchy lo-fi grooves and dusty MPC-style beats. Packed with chunky 808 drums and layered live hits and fills, these powerful beats will kick-start your inspiration instantly! All beats come with a full mix and the usual stripped stems for maximum beat control.

Bass Loops > Dirty analogue tones, funky live P-bass licks, overdriven 808 kicks and more: 23 stylus-skipping loops key-labeled and served with MIDI as standard.

Ensemble Loops > 14 extended melodic cuts packed with layered keys and strings. These key-labeled melodics are ready to be chopped and screwed in your sampler of choice – just loaded up a beat and get creative!

Inspiration Kits > 4 full-track song-starters in the classic west-coast style. Each kit comes with a full mix plus broken out stems for all elements including drums, bass, keys, strings, brass, guitars, vocals and more. Each kit is key-labeled and melodic loops come with MIDI versions for added control.

Melodic Loops > Assorted instrumentation loops presented in named groups. From cellos and violins to organs and Rhodes, these loops are key-labeled for ultra ease of use.

Synth Loops > Choice selection of G-funk style synth licks taken direct from hardware sources. Key-labeled and served with MIDI as standard.

Piano Loops > Epic hip-hop piano progressions presented in families of loops. Each family is key-labeled and all loops come with MIDI versions.

FX > Old school FX from processed vox pops to dub shots and arcade game elements.

Drum Kits > Dusty, crunchy and lo-fi to the max: 60+ kicks, snares, hats and percussion hits primed for dirty hip-hop beat-making.