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YFN Lucci

YFN Lucci is not a witness to be used against Young Thug in his RICO case … this according to the rapper’s attorney.

YFN Lucci’s attorneym Drew Findling, tells TMZ … Rayshawn Bennett, AKA Lucci, has not been named as a witness in the YSL case, whatsoever. He makes it clear that Lucci has never been interviewed or subpoenaed by law enforcement, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office or any of the party’s regarding the YSL case.

We’re told, “Any party can announce for example that Abraham Lincoln is on their witness list, but those words alone are meaningless. So, to be 100% clear, Rayshawn Bennett (Lucci) will not be a witness in the YSL case.”

YFN Lucci

In case you didn’t know, Lucci is currently sitting behind bars and awaiting trial on murder charges. YT and YFN are both Georgia rappers, who are known to have beef for several years which caused folks on social media to suspect he might be working with Thug’s prosecutors in order to cut his own plea deal.

However, Lucci’s attorney says, “His focus, as it should be, is on his pending Fulton County case.”

young thug gunna mug shot

As we’ve reported, YT and fellow YSL rapper Gunna were arrested back in May on gang-related charges tied to a 56-count indictment.

12/14/22 Fox 5 Atlanta

Gunna was locked up for several months before taking a plea deal by pleading guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge. He was sentenced to 5 years with one year commuted for the time he’s already served. The other 4 will be suspended and replaced with community service and other demands.

On the other hand, Thug has been in custody for 7 months and he’s slated for trial in January.

Lucci’s team is making it clear … we won’t be seeing him on the stand against Thug.


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